Olivia's wearing: Zara knit, jacket and quilted pants, American Apparel beanie, Michael Kors watch, Mimco necklace,
heart ring from street vendor in New York, Kate's Isabel Marant sneakers.

This simple outfit is an example of how I love to dress when I'm shopping and exploring the city, because I like to consider comfort and style. All of these items are pieces that I can rotate easily because they're all really simple and versatile. I had been eyeing off a few rose gold watches for some time, but wasn't sure if I really needed one or if it would be a good investment; but the Micheal Kors boutique won me over, as they have such a wide selection and the prices are similar to what you'd pay online. Now I've become obsessed with any clothing item or piece of jewellery that has even a speck of rose gold, it's a nice change from the typical yellow gold or silver that I usually wear. In case you're wondering about the title of this post, I just felt a little bit festive when I was wearing this outfit, due to the red and green mix.

Today I am showing Kate around SoHo, so stay tuned for some more outfit posts x 

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