Olivia's wearing: Mink Pink top, Lover shorts, Louis Vuitton ring, Mimco necklace, Karen Walker sunglasses, Sportsgirl sandals.

Lover is a label wish we wish we could have more of. Their pieces are so simple and feminine; the fabrics they use are divine and the craftsmanship is impeccable - it's just the price tag that restrains us. We recently got this Mink Pink top because we wanted a few more bright pieces to add to our wardrobe and we were drawn to the higher neckline. It looks lovely paired with shorts and a choker, we particularly like it because it gives outfits a classier look and adds a pop of colour.


Olivia's wearing: Sportsgirl top, Supre shorts, Sportsgirl clogs, Lovisa choker,
 Louis Vuitton ring, Alexander Wang bag, MAC lipstick, Dior nail polish.

We don't usually buy something in more than one colour, let alone three, but as you can probably guess, we really like these shorts. They are really versatile and great for everyday wear. For this outfit, which was also for Kate's photography portfolio, we have used a few of our older pieces that we haven't worn for a while, like the ruffled cami and the tan clogs. We thought we could use them for these photos because they are both timeless pieces. As for the ring, the colours in it are great for summer and they matched the tangerine hue of the shorts perfectly.

Petals and Pleats.

Olivia's wearing: Alice in the Eve dress, Witchery shoes, Louis Vuitton clutch, Mimco necklace,
Louis Vuitton earrings, Dior nail polish, MAC lipstick.

We also took these photos for Kate's assignment, which is a portfolio based on the topic of street style photography, with each set of photos featuring a particular colour. As soon as Kate decided to do the colour red we instantly thought of this dress. We love it because the vibrant 'crimson' hue is a nice change in comparison to the typical red you usually see and the pleats are nice and delicate, which gives the dress a vintage feel when paired with the lace.

PS, I love you.

Our latest obsession, Proenza Schouler's PS1 collection. I (Kate) am in love with the bright colours, yet also the classic brown and black satchels. I would be so happy if I could get either the PS1 medium satchel, the PS1 pochette or the pouch, if only I had the money :(


Olivia's wearing: Valleygirl blouse, American Apparel skirt, Sportsgirl wedges, Alexander Wang bag.

We took these photos for Kate's photography assignment. This American Apparel skirt is the skirt, it's one of the best things I've (Olivia) ever bought. The material is perfect; it's the softest velvet and I love the style, as it has just the right amount of flair and it's a great length, as it isn't too short, but it's not too long and daggy either. I'm considering buying it in navy as well because I've worn the black so much and they're so well priced.


I (Kate) have fallen in love with the Alexander Wang Emile tote, if I only I didn't have two Wang bags already. The butterscotch and the black with rose gold hardware are my favourites, but I love them all. I have come to the conclusion that Olivia and I are way too obsessed with Alexander Wang bags and it is a pretty unfortunate addiction to have considering they are rather expensive.


Kate's wearing: Dotti blouse, Noughts and Crosses skirt, Lovisa necklace, YSL ring, Saba clutch, Wittner sandals.

We don't have a lot of skirts in our wardrobe as we tend to opt for shorts instead, but we like the minimalist look of this one and it's rich, ginger colour. The knot gives it an extra something and a touch of sophistication. Clutches are also something we like at the moment, particularly simple ones that don't draw your attention away from the rest of the outfit.

Calf Hair Clutches.

1. Adriel leather and printed calf hair clutch
2. Prisma calf hair biker purse

Loving these two new calf hair clutches from Alexander Wang. I'm (Olivia) normally not a fan of calf hair or black and white animal print, but these two pieces are quite devine.
 I'm not in the market for any new goodies from Mr. Wang at the moment though, as you can probably see. 

A Touch of Blush.

Kate's wearing: Mossman top, Supre shorts, Lovisa choker, YSL ring, Wittner shoes, 
Alexander Wang bag, Ray Ban sunglasses.

Just a simple, casual outfit Kate wore to uni today. You may recognise these shorts from our previous post, 'Citrus.' We were surprised when we found these Supre shorts on the blogspot 'Oracle Fox,' we were sure they would be expensive, as the fabric doesn't look cheap, nor does the style. They are actually really comfortable and they wash really well, which is great considering the price tag. We got this Mossman top ages ago and rediscovered it in our wardrobe recently. Although at times we think the sleeves are too big and puffy, it gives outfits a lovely, slightly sophisticated touch. 

A Hint of Mint.

Olivia's wearing: Ladakh top, Supre shorts, Mimco necklace, YSL ring, Louis Vuitton bracelet, Wittner sandals, Alexander Wang 'Marion' bag.

When I (Olivia) got my Diego I said I wouldn't get another Alexander Wang bag for a couple of years or so, but when I discovered the Marion I just couldn't resist. Although you probably can't see in these photos, it's actually a beautiful, pale green coloured called 'aloe,' which is perfect for me because mint has always been one of my favourite colours. I initially wanted a black one with gold or silver hardware, but seeing I already have a black and gold Diego, I thought the mint with rose gold would be a nice change. Hopefully this will satisfy my Alexander Wang addiction for a while...

Little Pink Dress.

Olivia's wearing: Sportsgirl dress, Karen Walker sunglasses, Sportsgirl sandals, Lovisa necklace, 
Louis Vuitton bracelet, Sportsgirl watch, Alexander Wang 'Diego' bag. 

We had our eye on this hot pink Sportsgirl dress for ages (something you hear almost every girl say to justify a purchase) and we finally got it the other day. Although it's only simple, we love the collar, the button-up style and of course the vibrant colour. Our wardrobe is fairly low on dresses for summer, so this one is a great, much-needed addition.