Paree: Part Deux.

Here's the last of my photos from Paris, but believe me, I could have uploaded hundreds more because Paris is probably the most photogenic city in the world. I'm missing the beautiful architecture, the sightseeing and the shopping already, but what I miss most is waking up each day and eating a chocolate croissant for breakfast, the French really know how to do sweets. One of the best things about Paris is how simple it is to explore the city, majority of the tourist sites are within walking distance of each other and they're all only a short walk from a metro station. Fortunately lots of people speak English in Paris, so I managed to survive my five day holiday only knowing how to say hello, good evening, goodbye, excuse me and thank you. I would love to visit more European cities while I'm staying in England, but I think my shopping habits are going to put a stop to that. Maybe I'll just purchase something from a European designer instead, that makes up for it right? 

Pony Hair.

The 'mandal' obsession is a trend that we never thought we'd follow and we seriously mean that. They're something that is so bad, yet also so good (somehow?) After seeing our favourite bloggers pull them off so well, we thought we'd give it a crack. We're still wondering who it was that randomly woke up and said "I'm going to revive my Birkenstocks today!" Because let's face it, they're not the most attractive shoes, we're not sure if we'll ever be able to embrace traditional Birks, that's why we've eased into things with this pair of pony hair slides from Topshop (you can't go wrong with pony hair). We're starting to understand the obsession now - it's all about understated comfort, these sandals seriously make you feel like you're walking on a cloud and their simplicity means that you can literally wear them with anything. We haven't fully converted yet but we will continue experimenting and get back to you.

P.S. I know my tan looks awful in the top picture, but believe me it's real - Liv. 


Photo 1: Angl playsuit, Proenza Schouler PS11 mini, Zara studded boots, Michael Kors watch, Celine sunglasses.

We have always been huge fans of the boho trend, we love the prints, the loose, flowy cuts and just how relaxed the styles make you feel, you almost feel like an instant gypsy. That's probably why we love playsuits so much, it seems that our obsession isn't slowing down anytime soon, here are our two latest additions. We usually like to team rompers with boots or espadrilles, as sandals often make an outfit look too casual. These Zimmermann lattice booties are a godsend, they look great paired with playsuits and dresses for shopping and days at the beach, but you can also dress them up with leather shorts or jeans for at night. Basic outfit posts like these may have to suffice until we work out who can take some proper photos for us - volunteers are welcome! x