Kate's wearing: COS tee, Isabel Marant skirt and Dicker boots, PS11 mini, Celine sunglasses, Michael Kors watch.

This trip has made us both form a slight addiction to Isabel Marant. There's something about the way she mixes boho-chic fabrics with feminine cuts and intricate details; the combination almost makes you feel like a cool gypsy roaming the streets of Paris. If you've ever been lucky enough to visit one of her boutiques, you'd also know how the aesthetics of her stores play into your decision to purchase, despite the price tags. It was hard for me to go past this little floral skirt, although I usually wouldn't buy something like this, I was attracted to the uneven cut and the fact that it can be incorporated into my wardrobe so easily. We love that most of her pieces can be worn together without even having to think, it makes the crazy idea of buying her whole collection seem reasonable.


Olivia's wearing: COS t-shirt, Lover shorts, Isabel Marant "Bekket" sneakers, PS11 mini, Tiffany & Co. necklace, Michael Kors watch.

The combination of orange, silk and lace, executed by one of my favourite Australian labels, Lover, is perfection in my mind. I have obsessed over these shorts for months on end, however I was originally going to purchase the black, but when I saw the orange there was no hesitation. The fact that this colour was created exclusively for Net-A-Porter, which means only a small amount of people can get their hands on them, is an added bonus. 

The Isabel Marant Bekket sneakers were another purchase that I had been contemplating for some time. Initially I didn't like the chunky style of them and I was also deterred by the fact that almost every man and his dog have a pair. Eventually the pros outweighed the cons and I gave into temptation when I found them at the Isabel Marant boutique on Melrose (that store has done bad, bad things to our bank accounts). They are probably the most comfortable pair of shoes I own and they can be easily incorporated into just about any outfit that I wear. If only I could find a way to make them work appropriate...


Kate's wearing: Urban Outfitters top, Isabel Marant shorts and "Carol" sandals, Celine sunglasses, PS11 mini, Hermes bracelet, Michael Kors watch. 

If there ever were an 'it' pair of sandals, these Isabel Marant Carol sandals would have to be them. Every time I go on an overseas trip I always have one main item in mind that I would like to buy and on this trip it was these sandals, so I was lucky Barney's delivered the goods yet again. Considering they are almost completely sold out worldwide and Barney's had one pair left in my size and preferred colour, its safe to say it was meant to be. No other accessories are required when you wear these shoes, because the second you slip them on your outfit is instantly cool (at least I hope so). 

We shot this look on Melrose Place, which has become our favourite street in LA, not only due to the amazing selection of designer boutiques. The whole street is so picturesque, each store looks different to the last, they're all covered in different flowers or vines and the atmosphere is so tranquil, you feel like you're in your own little world - it really is a blogger's dream. 


Every time we go on an overseas adventure we always plan it around a trip to Disneyland, because although we may be twenty-one, it will always be our favourite place on earth. We haven't visited LA for over ten years, so it's been amazing re-exploring the city. Disneyland was first on the list, so we spent our first two days there before moving onto Hollywood. The Anaheim park will always be our favourite, not only because it's the original, but because of the nostalgia we feel when we're there, as we went there so many times through out our childhood.