Kate's wearing: COS tee, Isabel Marant skirt and Dicker boots, PS11 mini, Celine sunglasses, Michael Kors watch.

This trip has made us both form a slight addiction to Isabel Marant. There's something about the way she mixes boho-chic fabrics with feminine cuts and intricate details; the combination almost makes you feel like a cool gypsy roaming the streets of Paris. If you've ever been lucky enough to visit one of her boutiques, you'd also know how the aesthetics of her stores play into your decision to purchase, despite the price tags. It was hard for me to go past this little floral skirt, although I usually wouldn't buy something like this, I was attracted to the uneven cut and the fact that it can be incorporated into my wardrobe so easily. We love that most of her pieces can be worn together without even having to think, it makes the crazy idea of buying her whole collection seem reasonable.


  1. Absolutely in love with your bag and skirt!!!!!

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