Outfit Perfection.


H M crop long sleeve shirt / Isabel Marant white mini skirt / Chloé black studded boots / Proenza Schouler black handbag

So this is our idea of outfit perfection. So simple, yet so chic. One day (in the very distant future) we will own a pair of Chloe Susanna boots...



Top Left to Bottom Right: Leather Cap: ASOS / Sunglasses: Celine 'Preppy' / Watch: Michael Kors / Backpack: 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli / Singlet: T by Alexander Wang / Leather shorts: Thakoon / Cardigan: H&M / Sneakers: New Balance 

The sports-luxe trend is a look I (Kate) have seen on quite a few blogs over the past few months, yet it is one that I have never attempted myself (probably because I don't have a pair of sneakers that I actually like, so I'm missing the key element, whoops). Just adding a pair of Nike Free Runs to an everyday outfit adds a different, more casual touch (not to mention extreme comfort!)

 I created the bottom look on my Polyvore account and I have come to the conclusion that Polyvore is rather depressing, and I will explain why. Basically you spend 10 to 15 minutes putting together an outfit and as you click the 'publish' button  you wish there was a way that pressing that button also meant all of the items in the look would magically appear in your closet. Luckily with this sport-luxe look I own most of the elements, or at least a very similar version (hallelujah!). Now I just have to wait for slighlty warmer weather and additional funds to invest in a pair of black runners for my first attempt to pull this look off myself! (I'm thinking a day at Disneyland next month will be the perfect opportunity). Follow my Polyvore account 'thelovelyboness' if you'd like more outfit ideas and inspiration! x

Plaid Kinda Day.

Kate's wearing: Zara biker jacket (similar herejeans and boots (similar here), Forever 21 knit (similar here and here) and plaid shirt, 3.1 Phillip Lim 'Mini Pashli' satchel, H&M beanie (similar here) and cage ring (similar here), Celine 'Preppy' sunglasses, Cartier love ring.

This is the least amount of clothing I have worn in the past six weeks, so I was pretty excited to wear this outfit. Sadly I had to go inside and add a couple of layers after I took these photos...I shot this quick outfit post (and I mean quick as I almost froze to death) on my iPhone. I hate having to take photos on my iPhone as the quality is so poor, but at the moment that is all I have to work with. Thankfully I have my boyfriend filling in for Olivia as my photographer while her and I are on opposite sides of the world.

I am happy to announce that my hunt for the two ultimate winter staples is over (aka black ripped jeans and leather biker jacket). I have Zara to thank, once again. I actually purchased this leather jacket on my trip to America in September last year, but it is still definitely worth a mention, even if it is a bit late...

I must say, despite the fact that I am happy to get some more wear out of my winter staples, I am really looking forward to escaping to the warmer weather on the west coast next month! x

The Windy City.

Ever since I (Kate) moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin just over a month ago I have been plotting ways to get to Chicago for a shopping trip, as it is only just over an hour away by train and not to mention the shopping in Milwaukee isn't the greatest (they don't have Zara...crazy, I know!). So when my boyfriend announced that he was going away for Spring Break for a few days I figured this was the perfect opportunity. The last thing I wanted to do was drag him around Magnificent Mile (the main shopping strip in Chicago city) with me, considering on my last trip there I spent two hours in their Zara store, I don't think he would be too impressed. 

Unfortunately I made the stupid decision to not take our DSLR with me to America and decided to wait for Olivia to bring it when she visits. So in the meantime all I have to work with is my iPhone....I have put together some photos from my very short but wonderful trip to Chicago including some Zara purchases (of course) and treats from the first Nutella Cafe! Nutella is my ultimate weakness so you can only imagine my excitement when I visited the cafe. If anyone reading this post shares this weakness with me then I would highly recommend visiting if you are ever near Chicago (lets be honest, you'd be crazy if you didn't!) x

Bon Voyage.

So you're probably wondering why there has been a lack of new posts on our blog recently. The reason being is that I (Kate - one half of the blog) have recently moved to America for a year! This is something I have always wanted to do, as you have probably guessed Olivia and I are both huge fans of the United States so to be able to live here for a while is a dream come true.

At the moment I am living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which was a MAJOR climate adjustment for me moving from sunny Australia. These days it is a luxury for me to be able to leave the house without a beanie and gloves on and I am lucky for weather that is warmer than -16 degrees! On the plus side I have become much more creative when it comes to putting together winter outfits and I've been able to expand my winter wardrobe, which is something I have never really had the chance to do back home.

Thankfully Olivia has booked to come and visit next month so we will be able to keep the blog going. Until then you can look forward to some posts from beautiful, sunny LA! For now I have included a few snaps from my personal instragram of my adventures so far x