Bon Voyage.

So you're probably wondering why there has been a lack of new posts on our blog recently. The reason being is that I (Kate - one half of the blog) have recently moved to America for a year! This is something I have always wanted to do, as you have probably guessed Olivia and I are both huge fans of the United States so to be able to live here for a while is a dream come true.

At the moment I am living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which was a MAJOR climate adjustment for me moving from sunny Australia. These days it is a luxury for me to be able to leave the house without a beanie and gloves on and I am lucky for weather that is warmer than -16 degrees! On the plus side I have become much more creative when it comes to putting together winter outfits and I've been able to expand my winter wardrobe, which is something I have never really had the chance to do back home.

Thankfully Olivia has booked to come and visit next month so we will be able to keep the blog going. Until then you can look forward to some posts from beautiful, sunny LA! For now I have included a few snaps from my personal instragram of my adventures so far x

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