Top Left to Bottom Right: Leather Cap: ASOS / Sunglasses: Celine 'Preppy' / Watch: Michael Kors / Backpack: 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli / Singlet: T by Alexander Wang / Leather shorts: Thakoon / Cardigan: H&M / Sneakers: New Balance 

The sports-luxe trend is a look I (Kate) have seen on quite a few blogs over the past few months, yet it is one that I have never attempted myself (probably because I don't have a pair of sneakers that I actually like, so I'm missing the key element, whoops). Just adding a pair of Nike Free Runs to an everyday outfit adds a different, more casual touch (not to mention extreme comfort!)

 I created the bottom look on my Polyvore account and I have come to the conclusion that Polyvore is rather depressing, and I will explain why. Basically you spend 10 to 15 minutes putting together an outfit and as you click the 'publish' button  you wish there was a way that pressing that button also meant all of the items in the look would magically appear in your closet. Luckily with this sport-luxe look I own most of the elements, or at least a very similar version (hallelujah!). Now I just have to wait for slighlty warmer weather and additional funds to invest in a pair of black runners for my first attempt to pull this look off myself! (I'm thinking a day at Disneyland next month will be the perfect opportunity). Follow my Polyvore account 'thelovelyboness' if you'd like more outfit ideas and inspiration! x

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