Kate's wearing: Cos t-shirt, Zara quilted leather skirt and tweed jacket, Proenza Schouler PS11 mini, Hermes bracelet, 
Michael Kors watch, Chanel mesh espadrilles, MAC lipstick.

For the past fews months I've been playing Cinderella by pretending that my beloved Chanel espadrilles actually fit my feet, yet the truth is they are so tight that they'd make my toes numb. I loved the look of these mesh ones when I saw them on one of my favourite bloggers, Sincerely Jules. They are the ultimate combination of sporty and chic, so I didn't really have a problem upgrading to these from my canvas pair. 

What could be better than a skirt that is leather and quilted? It's rare that we buy two of the same thing, but when we come across something that we really like sometimes sharing isn't an option. 


  1. I'm really into the idea of wearing Chanel espadrilles for everyday. Sincerely Jules has made me lust after her Chanel pair, so it's a hope one day I can get my hands on a pair!

  2. Beautiful look!!! and soooo jealous of your chanel espadrilles!!!what amazing style it has!!!