Every time we go on an overseas adventure we always plan it around a trip to Disneyland, because although we may be twenty-one, it will always be our favourite place on earth. We haven't visited LA for over ten years, so it's been amazing re-exploring the city. Disneyland was first on the list, so we spent our first two days there before moving onto Hollywood. The Anaheim park will always be our favourite, not only because it's the original, but because of the nostalgia we feel when we're there, as we went there so many times through out our childhood. 


  1. I also love Disneyland! I was tossing up between Disneyland and DisneySea when I go to Tokyo. Settled on DisneySea since it'll be a bit different! Tad excited! Hope you are having an amazing time on your holiday xo

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  2. Lovely pics!!! I would love to go to Disneyland, everything is so pretty :)


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