Zimmermann bikini, Rag & bone fedora, ASOS sandals, Lomo fisheye camera. 

Aloha from Hawaii! I (Liv) have been staying at Waikiki Beach for the past few days and am enjoying every minute of it. It feels so good to be experiencing summer again, I love just slipping on a bikini each day and spending all my time in the sun. The photo above features a few of my daily essentials, including the simple, black ASOS sandals that I finally managed to get my hands on after they were sold out for weeks. I first spotted them on Jessica Stein from Tuula and have wanted them ever since, as I desperately needed a pair of basic sandals for summer.

After Hawaii I'm off to Los Angeles and Las Vegas with Kate, so expect to see lots of snaps in the coming weeks...

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  1. So jealous you get to enjoy some summer sun! Hope you're having an amazing amazing time!

    xo Your Daily Break