As the pictures above will tell you, I (Olivia) am now in England! I am super excited to be back in London as I haven't visited the country since I was ten and it honestly feels like such a breath of fresh air in comparison to Los Angeles. So far I've just been doing the typical tourist things like visiting Knightsbridge, Harrods, Oxford Circus and I even paid a visit to the London Zoo and the Natural History Museum. It's crazy how different England is to America, there is so much more culture and it definitely feels more like home. I am in England for two to three weeks (I'm very unorganised at the moment) and I am also visiting Paris for 5 days. I cannot wait to eat my weight in crepes and croissants and take pictures of the architecture and scenery all day. I haven't been taking many photos since I've been here, these few are just some snaps I took on my phone and edited using VSCOcam - this is an awesome editing app, we would definitely recommend it! I promise to take some better photos as 
I do more exploring, stay posted x  

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