Spain Travel Diary.

Here is a glimpse into the ten days that I spent exploring the beautiful country of Spain. I started off in Barcelona, a city that I had heard so many great things about and it definitely did live up to my expectations. I spent most of my time at La Barceloneta, which is the main beach that is located only ten minutes from central Barcelona via the Metro. I loved getting some sun again and it's the best beach for people watching, which I love to do when I get bored tanning. We also visited the La Boqueria market, which was heaven for a food lover like me. They have the most amazing chocolates, fruit, nuts, seafood and awesome tapas restaurants. Speaking of tapas, I had never tried it before I went to Spain and I'm now in love, it's perfect if you love platters/nibbles. There's also beautiful architecture to see in Barcelona, including Park Guell (my favourite) and some of Gaudi's other works like Sagrada Familia. 

After Barcelona we travelled down South to Valencia. The serene atmosphere was such a breath of fresh air after being in Barcelona, which is obviously such a crowded tourist hotspot. We stayed in Old Town Valencia, which was filled with amazing buildings and churches, as well as quaint cafes and bars. We were only in Valencia for two nights before we headed further south to Alicante. We all fell in love with this coastal town because of the chilled out atmosphere and the beautiful beach with soft sand (which is hard to find in Europe), where you could swim and sun bake until 9pm because the sun goes down so late! 

I'm not much of a travel writer (as you can tell), but I would definitely recommend seeing as much of Spain as you can. I would spend less time in Barcelona and more time travelling South along the coast, as it's cheaper, the beaches are better and so is the food and architecture. Visiting Spain has made me even more excited to see the rest of Europe, hopefully sooner rather than later...

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