Kate's wearing: J Brand jacket, Sass and Bide singlet, J Brand jeans, Celine sunglasses, Sportsgirl necklace,
Alexander Wang bag, Michael Kors watch, Hermes bracelet, Country Road loafers.

A denim jacket is a winter wardrobe staple, however I couldn't decide if I wanted one or if it suited my style. The main reason why I decided to get this one was for an obvious reason - it's J Brand and also because I like the faded colour and the slim fit, the rose gold hardware adds a nice touch too. Seeing I'm now a J Brand addict (loud and proud) I thought it would be silly not to get a colour in their marble dye range. The light blue is a safe choice because the marble effect is only subtle and it's also very versatile.

We love it when we get the chance to take photos for the blog at the perfect time of day that we have discovered, which is in the afternoon when the sun is really light and golden, but not setting just yet. It doesn't matter how good your location is, it's the lighting that makes a photo in our opinion. We always spend our money on clothes for the blog and forget about the camera, but I think it's time we gave our trusty SLR a bit of attention, so we're looking at purchasing a new lens in the coming weeks in order to make our photos just that little bit better (donations accepted...just kidding).


  1. Great casual look! Denim jackets are one of my fave layering pieces.

    1. Thanks :) Yeah we love them as well, they're so timeless x

  2. Love this outfit! That necklace is really nice :)

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