We're sorry we haven't been posting much lately, we've been busy moving house, working and organising our travels. Kate is in Hong Kong and Shenzhen at the moment having a shopping holiday. The photos above are just a few snaps from her Instagram, which show what she's been up to and more importantly what she's been buying. She had been thinking about getting a smaller bag for quite a while, because we both have those days where we just don't feel like carrying a big, heavy bag around. We have always been fans of the Pashli Satchel by Phillip Lim, it's such a simple, classic bag. We think the mini one is absolutely adorable and we like that it's a bit more youthful than the larger size.

I'm off to New York next week to do an internship until the middle of December. It's something that I've been organising for months now and although it's quite scary leaving my life in Australia behind, I'm really excited, not only for the amazing shopping, but also just to experience living and working in such a great city for a few months.

We're not too sure what we're going to do about the blog whilst we're separated, the main problem is that we only have one camera between us - so expect to see a lot of lame selfies and mirror shots of our outfits. I will definitely be posting some photo diaries of my adventures in New York, as well some snaps of my purchases. Stay tuned...

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