Olivia's wearing: Zara shirt and tee, Joe's Jeans, Michael Kors watch, Jeffrey Campbell 'Everly' boots.

The moment I discovered that my apartment had a fire escape I knew I was really in New York. We couldn't resist taking a few snaps out there because we'll probably never get to take photos in a place like that again. 

This camouflage shirt is the fifth studded shirt that we picked up from Zara whilst we were in America, because believe it or not, it's not that easy to find a good long-sleeved shirt. We love how the studded pockets adds depth and texture to what would have otherwise been a plain shirt with a masculine feel to it. We're definitely Summer girls at heart as we've always lived in cities where winter feels more like spring and summer feels like you're constantly in a sauna, so we've never had very exciting winter wardrobes. It's nice to know that we'll have more than just a few knits (that we actually like) when the cooler weather comes around this year. But for now we're happy wearing our Zimmermann bikinis and Chanel espadrilles.  

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