As soon as we started planning our trips to the U.S we knew we both wanted to squeeze in a visit to Orlando, as we always went on family trips there as kids and have the fondest memories that we still relive to this day. Going back to Disneyworld felt exactly the same as it did all those years ago, whether you're a child or an adult it really is the happiest place on earth, we think it would be impossible to ever feel sad when you're there. From the vibrant colours, to the cheerful atmosphere, to the fun rides and the awesome food, Disneyworld is nothing short of amazing. We spent our first day in Orlando at Magic Kingdom and little did we know we had timed it well, because Fantasyland had just opened the day before. Although we may not be little enough to squeeze into princess outfits anymore, we still loved everything and have vowed to go back sooner rather than later. 

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