Five years ago (make that five months) we would never have imagined ourselves wearing espadrilles, but when you bring Chanel and cute summer colours into the mix things change. Although we may be attracted to the same things when it comes to fashion, we always go for completely opposite palettes - Kate prefers lighter colours, whereas I opt for darker shades. We're hooked on these beauties already and can see ourselves wearing them all summer long with staples like denim shorts and slouchy, boyfriend jeans. 

We still have plenty more posts from New York and Florida waiting in the queue, so expect to see plenty more content on the blog in the coming weeks x 


  1. I am so freaking jealous. Lucky girls. Saw your pics on Instagram and sent them to my BFF straight away.
    But I was pleased to see them in Dec Instyle with the quoted RRP as $370. Is that about right?
    Trying to find it back in here in Sydney but assume you girls bought yours in NYC?
    Enjoy! x

    1. Haha really? They're such cute shoes, it seems like everyone has them now. Yeah they're around $370, we got ours in New York because there were more available there because it was winter. Our Mum tried to track some down in Australia but apparently all boutiques are almost completely sold out, we hope we find a pair! What size are you? Some sizes are more popular than others x