Winter Hues.

Kate's wearing: Zara knit, Liv's Shakuhachi jacket, J Brand boyfriend jeans, Urban Outfitters necklace and thin rings, 
Michael Kors watch, Isabel Marant Dicker boots, 3.1 Phillip Lim bag, American Apparel nail polish.

It's strange how the weather can influence your mood and the outfits you choose to wear. Since I've been in New York I've preferred to wear darker, more sublte shades like maroon and black, due to the cold, often dull weather. As soon as I arrived I knew I had to expand my small collection of knits - if there's something our wardrobes are lacking it's definitely decent knitwear. I picked up this striped, mohair sweater from Zara, as I knew it could become a staple in my wardrobe for the duration of my trip. I've also stocked up on some new jewellery, which has mostly been simple, delicate pieces like thin rings and bracelets. I love wearing light, barely-there accessories at the moment, they're perfect for the cold weather when you don't want to put on clunky, cold pieces, but they're also great for summer, as I don't like wearing lots of jewellery in the heat. 

These photos were taken in SoHo after an exhausting day of exploring and shopping - I could barely stand up by the end of it. Stay tuned for snaps of Liv's outfit in the coming days x 

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