Fashion's Night Out.

Fashion's Night Out certainly didn't turn out to be the night I'd hoped it would be. I was really looking forward to going to some of the events across New York and was I hoping to see a few celebrities, but I got lost and ended up only getting to SoHo at almost 9pm, which is when most of the good events finished. I had my heart set on meeting Aimee Song from Song of Style and thankfully I made it to Joe's Jeans where she was making her appearance just before she left. Aimee was absolutely lovely, she was more than happy to get in a few photos with me and she even complemented my outfit (which wasn't anything special). The photos aren't too great and I look pretty horrible as it was incredibly hot here that night and I had spent hours running around the city trying to find my way. I'm so happy that I got to meet her though, it made my night turn out to be so bad after all. 


  1. Oh my god you met Aimee?!
    I am so jealous! Hope you're having a blast in NYC x

    1. Yeah I was so happy to meet her, she was so lovely. Thanks, I'm having an amazing time so far x