NYFW Street Style.

 Photos from Refinery 29

Since I'm not fortunate enough to go to any of the shows, my favourite thing about Fashion Week would definitely have to be the street style. I would kill to be a street style photographer, it would be just as good, if not better than being a fashion writer. I just love getting to see what all the bloggers, writers and celebs wear to the shows, sometimes it makes me even more excited than the fashion on the runway. I love how candid and simple the shots are. I actually got the chance to go to down to Milk Studios where heaps of the shows are held, as I had to run an errand for my editor. While I was there I saw so many photographers and models off-duty, racing to their next shows. I even saw blogger Susie Bubble out the front getting snapped by about 50 photographers (including myself).

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